Lomography Redscale XR in the Trip 35

One of the so-called disadvantages of film photography is the fact that you have to wait until the roll is finished before processing and finally seeing what you’ve captured.

I’m firmly of the belief that this can well be a good thing too. Quite often I’ll put a film in a camera, take a few shots, and then not take it out again for weeks or even months. By the time I have the pictures processed, I’ll have forgotten what I’ve even photographed and getting back the envelope from the lab becomes a moment of excitement to finally see what forgotten delights lay inside.

Last weekend me and some friends had a wintery trudge along the Parklands Walk, an old railway alignment that runs from Finsbury Park to Highbury, and on to Alexandra Palace. My Olympus Trip 35 was loaded with Lomography Redscale XR 50-200, with about 10 frames left to take, so I decided to take that along and get it finished.

The walk itself was lovely, a bright, crisp winter day, but the real excitement came on Thursday when the Lomo Lab emailed a Dropbox link to me with the scanned negative. I wasted no time opening the folder, and was delighted to find an assortment of occasions I’d completely forgotten I’d recorded.

The first few were pictures taken on a walk during last summer’s Trans-Siberian adventure in the wide open countryside of Mongolia. It was an astonishing stark landscape, a place like I’ve never been in before, and it was lovely to find I had more images capturing its natural beauty.

Following these were a series from a lovely summer BBQ I’d attended at a friend’s flat, the reddish tones of the Redscale film representing the heat of the summer very nicely.

Another few pictures came from a September walk from Broxbourne to Cheshunt through the Lee Valley Park, and then finally last Saturday’s railway walk, which was considerably colder than the warm hues of the photographs would seem to indicate.

So here’s a selection from the film, well worth the six month wait!


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