Two Films for Two Years

A combination of the pandemic, a new job and a new city has meant I’ve almost completely neglected my analogue photography in recent times. However 2023 is a new year, and one my resolutions is to get back on with this blog, and so here I present some pictures from the only two rolls of film I’ve shot since my last post, Autumn in Ancoats, over two years ago.

Both films were taken with my Pentax ME-F, and the first set of photos were taken on Ilford FP4+ around Heaton Park and Peel Park in March 2021. The film then got put in a drawer where I forgot about it and only got around to developing the roll last week, at home in some old Paranol S developer.

The second film, a roll of Portra 400, was started in August 2021 at a visit to Fountains Abbey, near Harrogate, and finished in May 2022, at Clifton Country Park in Salford. I had this film processed and scanned at the Advanced Photo shop in Manchester city centre.


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