Liverpool Waterside and Baltic Quarter with Nikon F55 and 20mm Lens

Last month I had cause to visit Liverpool for the first time. I took my Nikon F55 loaded with Kodak ColorPlus, the 28-80mm G kit lens and wide angle 20mm f2.8 AF. Here are a few shots along the historical waterside and the trendy Baltic Quarter.

I scanned the negatives on my Epson V550 but didn’t tweak them much apart from increasing saturation a little.

Snappy Snaps managed to handle the film appallingly badly and after processing just handed me it scrunched up in an envelope meaning there are creases across some frames.

It’s only the second time I’ve used the F55, just about as easy to use as a DSLR but smaller and lighter, with well focused and exposed images. That in itself does take away a little of the fun of analogue, none of the work and process of a fully manual camera, so in a sense its not as quirky or enjoyable to use as my Zenit or Yashica, and for that reason I’ll probably stick to using my older cameras in future.

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