All My Film Cameras

It was my birthday yesterday and I thought I’d do a bit of a photo audit of all my analogue cameras, as my collection seems to have been quietly growing out of control over the last few years…


So, no less than FOUR Zenits now, although I only use the one I was originally given, the rest were bought for spare parts and lenses.

I’ve yet to try a few of these cameras. The ancient Box Brownie needs some cleaning and oiling, but essentially works. The Brownie 127 is in immaculate condition, as is the packaging, and has never been used, so getting a roll of 127 to put through it so it may finally fulfil its photo-taking destiny would be pretty good fun. Also, I’ve not yet tried the dinky Rollei 35 LED at the front of the line-up – just need to get a battery.

Why do I get the feeling this collection is going to get bigger and bigger?



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