The Blank: Restored!

One of my ongoing projects has been preserving/remastering/restoring the films that I made with friends in the 1990s, under the banner of Silver Screen Productions (SSP). They were mostly put together in a very primitive way, linearly edited by recording from Video8/Hi8 camcorder tape to a VHS machine, sometimes with an Amiga computer attached via […]

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Guy’s Guys

Last Sunday I spent the entire day filming four pilot episodes of a comedy web series I’m helping to produce called Guy’s Guys.  Kes Baxter is producing and starring, and it’s based on a Dutch series called Meisjes van Thijs (Thijs and the Ladies), which follows the main character’s unfortunate love life – each episode featuring a […]

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Week 2 – Some Progress

So at the end of my second week on sabbatical, I’m feeling a lot better than a week ago. The cold is just about gone and I’ve joined the Bannatyne gym in Kilburn, and been three times already. Aiming for four times a week, and there’s a pool there so going to attempt the occasional […]

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