Serpentine Pavilion – Hyde Park

On what was a particularly dreary and drizzly summer’s day today I made it down to the Serpentine Pavilion in Hyde Park. Every year there’s a competition for an international architect to have their first work constructed in England and this year we have an “unzipped wall” designed by¬†Bjarke Ingels Group. As it turns out […]

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Transported by Design

Another month, another London transport related event. This time Transport for London’s “Transported by Design” street festival, which closed off Regent Street last Sunday 3rd July. This was an opportunity for TfL and their contractors to display some gems from the past and demonstrate ideas for the future, in what must be one of the […]

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London Transport Museum Depot

On Saturday¬†I was lucky enough to make it to the London Transport Museum’s Depot Open Weekend. Although I’ve been to the main site in Covent Garden several times, this was the first time I’d visit the Acton Depot. A¬†huge train shed, it’s¬†filled with all the¬†treasures the Museum¬†has neither the space nor the money¬†to exhibit in […]

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London: 1907 and Now – In Full

My old London photos seem to have attracted a bit of interest, so I thought I’d put up the fullest versions that¬†I have – I had to do a bit of cropping to make them match my “Now” equivalents in the comparison images.   I only ever photochemically printed four of the pictures¬†–¬†as¬†these are the […]

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